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Jessica Lazzara

Admin & Sales Assistant

Her travels inspired her to earn a double major in Japanese and International business at North Central College and also to dedicate her time to the Japan club during school. Don’t let her young age fool you though. Jessica has been with Safariline since her early high school years and works hard behind the scenes. Over the years her duties have ranged from client services, to trade show sales to content writing, but her current duty is keeping the Safariline website up to date co-ordinating with vendors and suppliers behind the scenes. When reminiscing on her African travels Jessica explains what sets Africa apart from the rest of the world: “It’s untouched. There are so many places that are pure wilderness. It’s extremely unique. You can’t find what you find there in Europe or in Asia or even South America, it’s completely different. Their culture and the vastness of everything there is on a whole new level.”


Jessica Lazzara
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