Zambia Quick Facts
 Political Climate

Zambia is a multiparty democracy with a constitution that provides for the division of power between the executive, judiciary and legislature. The national assembly is composed of 150 elected members, though the local chiefs and their headsman are still influential in terms of land destribution and numerous other issues.


 Uganda is located in Eastern Africa, just west of Kenya. It is a landlocked country astride the equator, about 800 kilometers inland from the Indian Ocean. It lies on the northwestern shores of Lake Victoria, extending from 1 south to 4 north latitude and 30 to 35 east longitude. The country is only slightly smaller than the state of Oregon with a 236,040 sq km area. To compliment the already beautiful Lake Victoria, there are also many other lakes and rivers, as well as mountains.

 Capital ~Kampala


English is the official language but there are seven other languages given special status by government and widely spoken on radio and television. These include Bemba, Kanode, Lozi, Lunda, Luvale, Nyanja and Tonga.


Three main seasons prevail in Zambia; the Cold / Dry Winter season ( May- August), the Hot / Dry Season (September-November) and the warm rainy season (December-April). Although Zambia lies in the tropics the altitude ensures the climate is seldom unpleasantly hot and the inland position keeps humidity low.

 People & Population

With a population of 10 million about 45% living in towns and urban areas. There are 73 identified language groups, most Bantu speaking all with their own cultural identities and traditional territories.

Entry Requirements

All visitors must have a valid passport. A visa is required for all visitors except some commonwealth countries including Britain.


Malaria is prevalent and it is essential to take preventative precautions. Prior to entry you should be in possession of a valid health certificate for yellow fever immunization. Aids is endemic to the region. Caution should be exercised by drinking only bottled water or carrying water purification tablets. All clothing washed should be ironed to kill the eggs of the Putsi fly and caution should be used when swimming in local lakes and rivers.


Post offices are in main towns and packages can be shipped by registered mail or by private couriers. Zamtel is the local phone service and phone cards can be purchased in several denominations from the post office, supermarkets or fuel stations. Two cellular companies provide private mobile networks: Telecel and Celtel, the local system is analog and GSM. Internet services by ZAMNET, most larger cities have internet cafes.


Electrical voltage is based on 220 /240 with three pin plugs used are of the British Square bayonet pin type. Special adaptors are needed for the rounded two-pin types of plugs.

 Climate & Best Time to Travel

The amount of wildlife you'll see will be affected by the season you visit. More animals will be viewed during the dry season when they are concentrated near water long grass won't obstruct viewing. Some areas are inaccessible during the hot Wet season.


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