Walking Safaris

The Swahili word for "safari" means a long journey, and was adopted during the 19th century into the English language as "safari" by explorers, hunter and missionaries and today it refers to travel by land, water or foot.

Walking Safaris can take place for a few hours or over a number days, generally through a wilderness area and sometimes camping at different locations each night. It is a truly special experience as you take in creatures great and small, watch herds of elephants and learn about the birds and the small things, such as the interesting dung beetle. The walking area should generally support plains game including giraffe, impala, kudu, wildebeest or "the herbivores", as well as Big game and the "Big 5", lion, leopard rhino, buffalo, elephant.


Various types of walking safaris include:


Day Walks from a Safari Lodge: This entails a 2 - 3 hour day walk under the guidance of a safari guide in a big game area with the purpose of viewing game, birds, plants and other signs one can pick up in the bush. These are conducted in many safari lodges and camps, often taking place mid-day between game drives, or as a main activity in the morning of afternoon and usually an optional activity.


Walks from Permanent Safari Camps: Two to Four day walking safaris conducted from a permanent camp or lodge. Walks into the bush daily for 3 – 4 hours each morning and afternoon, but returning to the camp or lodge each evening. The emphasis is on tracking, the sights, sounds, smells of the bush over a few days the guest become immersed in the day cycles of the wilderness but enjoy the comfort of a soft bed and comfortable bathing facilities.


Mobile and Classic Walking Safaris: Walk with a safari guide from camp to camp over a series of days staying at temporary tents set up ahead of arrival by a support team or to permanent camps. These classic safaris have the feel of a bygone Africa and very much how explorers and hunters of the past traveled on "safari". The journey is through varying habitats and landscapes, sleeping in different settings.







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