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Best way to view Africa
Champagne Breakfast after your hot air balloon trip

Hot air ballooning is arguably the best way to take in the landscapes of this beautiful country. Floating high above the ground, you have a spectacular, uninterrupted view of the gorgeous countryside below. Described as a somewhat magical experience, hot air ballooning is one of the oldest forms of flight known to man. Nowadays tailored to meet the needs of the public, hot air ballooning has become a highly sought after activity.


A hot air balloon trip will usually begin just before sunrise. You'll gently lift off the ground to a height of approximately 10-20m and leisurely float along with the wind. At this height you're able to have a glorious view of the sunrise as well as keep on the lookout for animals on the ground below. The panoramic views that you are privy to from this height leave many speechless as they witness the sunrise and the spreading light extending to the opposite horizon. It's a magnificent experience and will leave you with a warm glow for weeks after.


There are few physical requirements for hot air ballooning, besides being able to stand or lean for about an hour and being able to climb in and out of the basket. You can expect to spend about 4 or 5 hours out with your organizers from the time of arrival. The actual hot air balloon flight will last approximately an hour and most hot air ballooning companies will close off your ballooning experience with a champagne breakfast once you're back on terra firma. Due to the popularity of hot air ballooning, it's vital that you book at least 2 weeks before you wish to do it. Because of ballooning's reliance on the weather, most bookings are provisional until a few days before the event to ensure that the weather is ideal for your journey.


So if taking in stunning scenery in a perfectly tranquil setting is your idea of how to spend a morning, then make a plan to enjoy all the wonders that hot air ballooning has to offer.




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